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BarCamp Videos

April 26, 2007

Finally some of these are available online:

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Seven Reasons Microsoft Likes Open Source

April 25, 2007

Interesting thoughts here

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Linux Distributions Downloads

April 25, 2007

Here is a list of Linux Distros that you can download. Hopefully we can get a semblance of this in Kenya in the near future ? If you scroll down you should be able to change the selection option from desktop editions to servers etc. Jacob @ OSSKENYA is working on a download repository – [...]

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Meeting 24th April

April 25, 2007

Apologies to all who went to Wananchi Online – 1st Floor, and for those who did not get to the venue (near Norfolk University). The venue of the meeting was changed at the last minute to accommodate a group of students from UON Robert and Laban from did their presentation on FOSS software, presenting [...]

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Next Meeting – 24th April

April 21, 2007

Laban Mwangi ( will be leading a discussion on FOSS Systems Software & Application Development at the next meeting on Tuesday 24th April 2007. Venue – Wananchi Online – 1st Floor Loita House on Loita StreetStarts at about 6pm

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Geek Dinner

April 20, 2007

We are meeting today evening for a “Geek Dinner” at Carnivore … meeting early at 7pm so that the totos can make it home for curfew The rest can go on til they’re all geeked out. call 0724-334558 if you get lost.

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Forget the IPHONE: Neo1973 is here!

April 19, 2007

This is the phone to have. Simply put, this phone puts all else to shame. Yep the Iphone included. so here we go:Software stack is open Mainline Kernel (2.6.20 at the moment) Gnome Interface Libs for GSM/GPRS module, GPS module, USB, ALSA, Bluez (PAN?)…. Hardware specs for the Neo1973: GPS chip GSM & GPRS 128MB [...]

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Skunkworks (Edited…)

April 18, 2007

It looks to be that after BarCamp on 31st March, things got rather quiet. We did not have a meeting yesterday as we did not have a speaker for the day so apologies for all those who were siked up. We need to have more people actively participating in skunkworks for its objectives to be [...]

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One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project

April 11, 2007

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Kenyan Geekcorps

April 9, 2007

WhiteAfrican interviews Ethan Zuckerman on his blog this time. Ethan is the founder of Geekcorps – inspiration for an idea i’ve been toying with for some time. Geekcorps is an NGO that brings together techie volunteers to work on projects like Peacecorps does – but only ICT based. eg setup of a community-based wireless network [...]

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